Our Services & Procedures

Compassionate and High Quality Care

Wellness Exam

A 20-40 minute exam and consultation with Dr. Erby where she will provide expert husbandry advice, examine your pet, and make recommendations for next steps in your animal’s medical plan.

Rabbit & Rodent Dentistry

Dentistry of small exotic pets is a common and sometimes necessary procedure to correct and realign occlusion abnormalities. Dental problems in rabbits and rodents can lead to life threatening conditions due to their need for constant chewing and grinding of roughage material.

Avian Grooming

Dr. Erby is experienced and skilled in the art of corrective beak trimming, shaping, and fracture repair. We also offer other routine grooming for birds including: nail trims, wing trims, and beak trims.

Species Specific Internal Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Erby has been extensively trained in exotic animal medicine and surgery, including routine procedures such as spays and neuters for exotic pets.